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Ivanov Aircraft s. r. o.

We are one of the leading companies, which design and build airplanes mostly in UL/LSA category. We provide services from first drafts and project studies of new aircraft, through strength and aerodynamics analysis, calculations, drawings, building of flying prototype, testing, processing of type certification and providing follow-up support. We also doing professionally flying of non-flying models and replicas, 3D print and we bring our experience also into design and production of other non-flying constructions for other field of industry.

Our headquarters are situated in the Czech Republic, where we have several design offices and also fully-equipped production facilities for the production of various materials.. Company Ivanov Aircraft s.r.o. was found in 2002, however the members and employees were active in aviation many years before. The company was built on solid foundations and brings together the best experts, who have appropriate knowledge and skills as well as long-term experience. We already realized a lot of projects for customers all around the world.

We are proud that we participate on projects of our clients to help realized their business plans and dreams. We operate in a wide field of aviation, provide design according to regulations, for the successful completion of type certification and we are one of the few companies which offers a truly complete portfolio of services.

Ing. Marek Ivanov, CEO

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Strength and Aerodynamics Analysis




 Building of Prototypes and Parts


Structural Tests


 Flying Test


 Type Certification


Preparation of Serial Production